Cities have developed spatially to facilitate economic growth and lifestyle aspirations but at the expense of increasing rates of consumption of resources and the production of waste and carbon emissions.

The global population living in urban areas will double by 2050 according to United Nations projections. There is clearly an imperative to understand how to plan urban areas to be more sustainable.

To gain a full understanding of urban areas they need to be researched within a regional context using an integrated multi disciplinary method. The research involves a number of in-depth regional case studies, carried out in partnership with government agencies and other stakeholders, for systematically testing the effectiveness of alternative design and development strategies for year 2031, and beyond.

This project has been awarded funding of £3.8m by EPSRC as part of the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) programme and started April 2008.

The ReVISIONS Final conference took place in London on the 22nd of November. More information is available on the "News and Events" page.

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